Current Commercial

With all Beeks builds, our focus is on delivering the best solution for each customer. We recognise that no two businesses have exactly the same requirements, or budgets. To ensure we deliver on time and to budget, we use the best materials, techniques, processes and workforce for the project, always delivering high quality, highly functional units, offices, shops, warehouses, commercial premises or community buildings. Our in-house team manages every element of the build. We have been building industrial and commercial buildings for over 50 years and therefore have a wealth of experience to draw upon. This means that no matter the size of your project we are able to work with you. For more details please contact our commercial builds team through Maggie on the main office number on 01494 525784.

Beeks also delivers a bespoke design and/or build service for industrial and commercial clients across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Our commercial property project portfolio covers commercial, industrial, office builds, retail outlets, schools, colleges and leisure, in the form of clubhouses and community centres, for both the public and private sectors. Projects of this nature often require smart building solutions to meet the growing or evolving needs of a client. They also tend to need to be delivered within strict timescales and rigid budget constraints.