Beeks design and build


Design and build projects can vary in scope and requirement. Some clients require just an initial idea consultation or conceptual design, while others look to us to undertake the complete end-to-end process from land acquisition, design, planning and construction work on a project through to a turnkey finish. For all clients we aim to deliver a creative solution at the right price.

Design and build is ideal for anyone looking to create a “grand design” without the need, knowledge or ability to project manage or build. What we can do is take a dream and make it a reality by creating an interpretation of a client’s wishlist within a budget they can afford. Beeks can make bespoke a reality for all budgets!

What makes Beeks Design and Build Services Different?

We are the only construction company in the area that can provide a complete end-to-end design and build service including our own in-house architectural service. This scope of skills lends the personal touch that clients prefer at every stage of the build process.

The experience and vision of the Beeks team also ensures we can maintain our traditional customer service and building values to create some of the most welcoming and inspiring properties in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire for clients who come back time and time again.

Eight Steps to Great Design & Build Projects

  1. Site Visit – Discuss the design and build in situ. Highlight the logistical possibilities and limitations of ideas and aspirations. Understand how realistic these are and how they might impact the total project budget.
  2. Concept Design – Understand what can realistically be achieved within budget and create initial designs.
  3. Budget – Provision of a ballpark budget based on average costs and standard delivery processes, highlighting areas where costs can escalate, based on our experience of over 50 years.
  4. Planning Applications – Plans completed and then presented to the local planning department, management and provision of building regulations and structural elements of the build.
  5. Detailed Designs – Highly detailed plans and design guidelines to ensure effective, fast and low-risk construction. Buildability is a key factor at this point.
  6. Build – A dedicated project manager will oversee every element of the construction process, from site preparation, building works, statutory authority works, fittings, decorations, finish and snagging.
  7. Fixtures and Fittings – During the early construction stages we will discuss the interior and exterior final designs and fittings and agree on kitchen and bathroom layouts and budgets to ensure these are met.
  8. Finishing and Snagging – At the end of the construction period we will provide all required paperwork for the sign-off and handover of the completed project.

We are happy to discuss any plans that may be current with approved permission and will be more than pleased to offer further advice should the design need to be altered to suit personal requirements in any way. Contact us to find out more on 01494 525784.