From cottages to statement homes to a Manor House, Beeks Residential arm has made its mark on the local scene

If you ever get the chance to build your own home, you’ll probably start with a dream. But you may well need to bring in the experts to design and build it.

With 50 years of design-and-build behind them, the team at Beeks have plenty of experience translating dreams into reality. Their job is two-fold: to understand your dream, and to be pragmatic and realistic about achieving it.

It’s all about getting the best results within the limitations of the project, says Philip Mason, who has headed the architecture section at Beeks for the past 25 years. “It’s a balancing act, juggling the requirements of the plot of land, the budget, the building regulations and the planning restrictions that apply to this particular project.” Much of his role entails keeping up to date with change: constantly changing planning policies, tighter building regulations especially with regard to energy use, new technologies and improved materials.

Beeks dream home

Beeks offers bespoke solutions

Because Beeks has built both for clients and for their own portfolio over a wide local area, Philip is able to advise on the likelihood of a particular design dream receiving the necessary permissions, as they vary considerably in different areas. “What gives me most satisfaction,” Philip says, “is finding solutions to the inevitable planning and technical issues that arise. Turning a dream into a home can be complicated, but I love problem solving.

Beeks offers a range of building services, from a bespoke Design and Build, to working with contractors on one element of a project.